Gift Registry Instructions

How to create a Gift Registry

Register or Sign in to your account.

Click “Wish List” at the top of the page.

Click “Add a New Event”.

Fill in event information and click “Create”.

Click on “Edit Event Recipients List”.

Type in recipients name & email and click “Update”.

Once all recipients have been added select them all by checking the box to the left of each name & click “Send Confirmation Request”.

Shop for the products you want.  Click “Add to List” on the product page.

Select the wish list you want to add to and click “To Wish List”.

When your wish list comes up click “Move”.

Your events list will then appear showing your status, # of products & # of recipients.

Once your list is completed, you can click on the event that you wish to notify recipients of and click “Send Notification”.  A notification of your wish list will be sent to all recipients who confirmed your notification request.